Dorothea Paas – Anything Can’t Happen [Music Video]

Today Toronto musician Dorothea Paas dropped the music video and single for Anything Can’t Happen.
The track is taken from the debut solo album of the same name which comes out on May 7, 2021 via Telephone Explosion Records.
Anything Can’t Happen is a beautiful retro sounding guitar-pop tune.

About the song:
Anything Can’t Happen feels far more mature and complex than the title of a “debut album” would let on, partly due to Paas’s experience of writing, recording, and performing over the years but also with its smart content which explore Paas’s approach to spirituality/religion (Paas grew up in a religious household) and what it means in her music.

This first single looks at trust and the three levels which it arrives in – relationships, the self, and our existential trust in the future, questioning these uncertainties and replicating that tension/curiosity in her music (eg, the repetition of “anything can happen at any time” growing ever tense with each repetition).

Outside of the tension, her music underpins some of these meditations arriving as something drifting and introspective between the harder refrain.

Anything Can’t Happen gets:

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