Drew Mosley’s A Rebellious Nature @ Wall Space Gallery

It’s been forever since I last saw works by Drew Mosley.
He had an opening at Wall Space Gallery on November 4, 2017.
The exhibition was called A Rebellious Nature.
A Rebellous Nature by Drew Mosley
Here is a blurb about it:
In “A Rebellious Nature,” Drew Mosley explores themes of displacement and transition.
Urban sprawl and commercial development threaten and displace natural habitats.
The paintings in this collection evoke the transient nature of all life and reveal what is at stake if we do not develop sustainable relationships with the natural environment and its inhabitants.
Both playful and haunting, Mosley’s scenes depict an imagined world in which characters both innocent and foreboding are depicted at crucial moments in their missions to fend off the encroachment of two-legged foes.
These anthropomorphized travelers work tirelessly in the shadows to protect and preserve what is left of the beauty in our natural world—a task that is often lonely and thankless.

A Rebellous Nature by Drew Mosley
Cool entrance to see Drew’s dioramas!

A Rebellous Nature by Drew Mosley
Overall the opening was a success, with a lot of people coming out, showing and purchasing his works.
Despite not getting refills from the wine due to the overwhelming attendance.
A Rebellious Nature runs until November 26, 2017
A Rebellous Nature by Drew Mosley

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