Dutch Invasion @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Stan Diego @ Raw Sugar Cafe
It was a hot May 26th show at Raw Sugar Cafe.
After seeing three Dutch bands play at Bands Undone.
Stan Diego, Neonbelle and Chop Wood returned back from Ottawa for a great show at Raw Sugar Cafe.
It was another great show these three bands put on.
Great to hear a full louder sound at the show.
The turnout was really great, more people showed up to see them.
With no thunderstorm, the show went without a hitch.

Stan Diego was truly amazing live.
Stan Diego @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Neonbelle made me want to dance. Her voice was so beautiful to listen to.
Neonbelle @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Chop Wood was absolutely mind blowing.
Chop Wood @ Raw Sugar Cafe
Hopefully they will come back to Ottawa or Canada very soon.

Here are the rest of the photos.
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