Ellyn Woods – Tangerine [Listen]

Ellyn Woods is a musician from Montreal.
She released this wonderful track called Tangerine.
A dreamy electro-dance pop tune that sounds like a mix between Charlotte Day Wilson, Shura and Låpsley.

About the song:
“Tangerine,” started as a poem.
Ellyn wrote it while she was in a studio in Montréal, working on vocals for another project.
She was sitting on a vintage couch waiting to record her part and there was an odd orange light above her.
This unique environment provided the inspiration for this track.

“Tangerine” captures the feeling of being so excited yet nervous.
Optimism and skepticism exist at once in these lyrics, questioning one’s positive feelings.
Recorded in one take, the vocals capture the original essence of the song’s writing.
She hopes that this song uplifts you. “Tangerine” was written for you to dance to and truly enjoy.

Tangerine gets:

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