ev ree wuhn [EP Review]

I was curious to who ev ree wuhn (Pronounced “Everyone”) was.
I wasn’t aware that they used to be the defunct (?) Toronto band “Dora Alexander“.
Anyways they are going to drop their debut self-titled EP on May 14th.
The band members are:

  • Alex Grant
  • Adrian Gagnon
  • Lawson Smith

The EP is a textural mix of glitch, hip-hop beats and atmospheric layers of music.
If you are into the electronica music which is similar to let’s say James Blake.
Then you should definitely check them out.

With a change in direction with their music, I guess I don’t have to compare them to The Darcys.
I really dig this EP (I would consider this an album since it logs in more than 30 minutes).
Very cerebral and atmospheric.
Has that moody and trippy feel to it.

Best tracks:

  • Soon Enough
  • Turquoise
  • Colours
  • Control
  • Save Yourself

RIYL: Pick a Piper, James Blake, Caribou and Radiohead (TKOL Remixed)
I’d give this EP a 9/10.
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