F–ked Up – David Comes To Life [Review]

David Comes To Life
I hope I don’t “F**k up” this album review? 😛
There is high *literally* anticipation on June 7, 2011.
Why? The new album by Toronto’s Fucked Up with what is being hailed as a rock-opera.
With eighteen tracks will people want to listen to 1.2 hours of punk and hard rock music?

After winning the Polaris Music Prize in 2009 for The Chemistry Of Common Life.
Things could get any better for front man Damian Abraham who now host on Much‘s The Wedge.

When I listened to the whole album.
Left me wide eyed as usual but it wasn’t as intense when I heard their compilation “Coupled Tracks” but it equaled the sounds from “Chemistry Of Common Life“.
I think the only difference is their beginning track “Let Her Rest” which is a instrumental track.
The album is very high strung energetic but very accessible with tracks like The Other Shoe, Inside A Frame.
I am still amazed at the vocals of Damian that he still has that aggressive.
Considering I watch him on the Wedge which he is so down to earth and funny.

I have to say eighteen tracks is alot to listen to.
You can tell the band is truly evolving within their sound, creativity and respectiveness despite have the F-bomb in their name :P.
Somehow I don’t see it as a rock opera since it is a very loud rocking album.
When I think of what “rock opera” would be. I think there would be an orchestra.

Still an a really great album for those newbie F–ked Up fans or old ones.
A really big “epic” album.
Can this be album of the year!? Time will tell come December time.

Best tracks:

I’d give David Comes To Life 10/10.
Here is the EPK on the album.

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