NXNE 2011: Who to see? (Part 1)

It’s June and it means the start of the summer festival season.
NXNE is happening very fast and this will be my third time attending it.
I always have a fun time attending NXNE.
You can go check out what I did on previous NXNE coverage on here.
This is part one of who *whoever is in Toronto* to check out at this year’s NXNE. *This list will change during the night of the festival.*
Here is a list of who to check out on June 15, 2011.
Already I am too overwhelmed on planning who to see!


  • The Rivoli (Part of Nevado Records showcase) – Loom
  • I didn’t know it was Brooke Manning who I saw 2 years ago with a new name act.
    Absolutely stunning vocal led ambiance which wraps you in layers of droning, glacial beauty until Brooke Manning’s voice sounds as from the deepest, warmest dream you’ve ever had.
    Brooke Manning @ Raw Sugar Cafe

    Video by SouthernSouls

It will be either:

  • The Garrison – Pat Jordache
  • His album Future Songs was just re-released and puts on an amazing set.
    Listen to Radio Generations.
    Pat Jordache @ Club Saw

  • The Drake Hotel Underground – Monogold
  • Recently named “Best Avant-Indie Band in NYC” by Deli Magazine, their Antlers style songs are layered and majestic and likely have therapeutic powers.


  • The Garrison – Lower Dens
  • A band from Baltimore USA, music is fuzzy guitar and bass waves.

  • The Rivoli – Meligrove Band
  • All I can say is that they are great to see live!
    Listen to Racing To Shimmering Lights
    Meligrove Band @ Café Nostalgica

  • The Dakota Tavern – Rob Moir
  • Looking for something acoustic folk alternative check him out live at one of my favorite venues.

It’s going to be a toss between:

  • The Garrison – The Postelles
  • A indie pop rock band from New York City. Who wouldn’t want to see this band live?
    I do!!

  • Rancho Relaxo – The Love Machine
  • Show Toronto what you got!! That Ottawa got what it takes!
    Listen to Love Is On Your Side
    The Love Machine @ Mavericks

This is going to be very hard because two of my favorite bands are playing the same time.
Both put on an amazing set!

  • The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern – Parlovr
  • I’ve seen them live various times and never get disappointed!
    Listen to Hell, Heaven
    Parlovr @ Le Petit Chicago

  • The Rivoli – Library Voices
  • Another band that doesn’t disappoint and with how many members they can fit on stage.
    I wonder if Jenny from Ohbijou will be around? 😛
    Library Voices @ Mavericks

It’s either going to be:

  • The Rivoli – “Special Guest”
  • My guest is either Yukon Blonde or Golden Dogs

  • The Garrison – Pick A Piper
  • I haven’t seen them live in ages.
    It’s the drummer for Caribou who plays in this band!
    Pick a Piper @ Rolly's Garage

  • The Legendary Horseshoe Tavern – We Are Wolves
  • Crazy intense electro-rock band from Montreal!!
    We Are Wolves @ Bluesfest

So this is what to expect on June 15th at NXNE.
Don’t forget! If you wanna, please say hi to me!!

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