Ferriswheel – Dusty Gentle Creature [Listen]

FerrisWheel @ Ukrainian Federation
I finally got my hands on Ferriswheel‘s track Dusty Gentle Creature.
The song is taken from the Timber Timbre’s Black Water 7″ single.
I was more interested in checking out the b-side from Ferriswheel than the a-side.
Unless you speed up Black Water to 45 rpm or do some funky DJ remixing :P.

Various times I have seen the band live and they still impress me with their instrumental music. (Their Pop Montreal show was my favorite!)
In case you have forgotten, the Montreal band consist of:

  • Simon Trottier (Timber Timbre) who plays guitar and lap steel
  • Mathieu Charbonneau (The Luyas and Torngat) who plays piano
  • Philippe Charbonneau who plays double bass
  • Pietro Amato (The Luyas, Bell Orchestre and Torngat) who plays the French Horn (oooh la la)
  • Olivier Fairfield (J’Envoie) who plays drums
  • Joshua Zubot who plays violin (A member who I haven’t seen during their live shows)

Simon and Mathieu are the brainchild of Ferriswheel.
Listening to Dusty Gentle Creature, I would have thought the track might have that dark creepy tone from the “a-side”.
But it’s more of a soft mellow instrumental track.
Felt like a dramatic film score which is set in the winter time.
A scene where there is a sense of sadness or lost.
It’s a really great track to listen to.

So far the band finished making the second album. Whenever it will see the light of day.
At the moment some of the members are busy touring with their other significant bands.
So we just have to wait longer for a live show from them.
I think they should just self-release it and hopefully get picked up from a label.
But you can check out their first album Woodsongs from the Backroom on their Bandcamp site.
Check out Dusty Gentle Creature!

Thanks Olivier!!!

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