Flying Hórses and Mal/Aimé @ NAC Fourth Stage

National Arts Centre Presents Series:
FLYING HÓRSES and mal/aimé on April 6, 2018!
Mal/Aimé @ NAC Fourth Stage
Mal/Aimé began the show with a blend of ambient experimental chamber music.
Nice way to just tune in, close your eyes and just drift off with their music.
Flying Hórses @ NAC Fourth Stage
Flying Hórses close off the show with some wonderful beauitful music on the piano.
Performed materials from Tölt and new tracks from an upcoming album.
With projection by Lesley Marshall to make the set visually interesting.
Flying Hórses @ NAC Fourth Stage
Overall it was a nice intimate show at the NAC.
Flying Hórses @ NAC Fourth Stage

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