The Festival De Musique Émergente [September 2, 2017]

On the third day of Festival De Musique Émergente (FME).
I got to see Shawn Wine & The Winos, Afrikana Soul Sister, Laura Sauvage, Mon Doux Saigneur, Mehdi Cayenne, Betty Bonifassi, Barry Paquin Roberge, It It Anita, Blood and Glass.

Shawn Wine & The Winos @ FME 2017
How I managed to wake up so early is beyond me! Anyways I went to Place de la Citoyennete and check out a free show by Shawn Wine & the Winos. Folk-rock bluegrass music for the whole family can enjoy.
Afrikana Soul Sister @ FME 2017
At the Desjardin stage. A free performance by Afrikana Soul Sister. Kids and adults were dancing to a mix of their world, techno-dance and traditional African music.
Laura Sauvage @ FME 2017
Very lucky enough to get a drive to Pub Chez Gibb to see Laura Sauvage perform. While it was a few minutes away from the town. This nice brewpub (thinking it was a dirty dive bar) accommodated Laura on rocking out materials from The Beautiful.
Laura Sauvage @ FME 2017
Let’s say seeing Laura Sauvage, it was hard to find a right spot to see her perform!
Mon Doux Saigneur @ FME 2017
Mon Doux Saigneur was lovely in a bingo hall.
Mehdi Cayenne @ FME 2017
FME had a private BBQ. Lo and behold Mehdi Cayenne was the special performer at this party. Let’s say alot of people who went to this party had alot to drink (Myself included) but the food was amazing.
Betty Bonifassi @ FME 2017
Headed up to Agora des Arts and checked out Betty Bonifassi. Promoting her latest album Lomax which pays homage to African-American prisoners in the South US. Exploring recordings from early 20th century by ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax. It was a chilling performance of gospel, blues and rock through these songs. It clued to me that I forgot that Betty was in the band Beast. Man how times have changed!


Barry Paquin Roberge @ FME 2017
Barry Paquin Roberge totally blew me away with their psychedelic, soul and yacht rock music! While there was people sitting on their asses in the cold, I couldn’t help but dance to their music.
It It Anita @ FME 2017
Oh man! Belgium’s postpunk band It It Anita blew my ears away! It was insane!!
Blood and Glass @ FME 2017
Ended my night seeing parts of Blood and Glass. So I happened to miss the beginning part where they had head lights on. But it was a wonderful performance!


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