FME 2019 [Day 2]

Second day of FME began by attending the annual Bonsound Pool Party.
This year’s musical performance was P’tit Belliveau et les Grosses Coques.
Bluegrass Country Acadian music by the pool, sadly again this year with the weather being a windy and overcast day. No one jumped in the pool.
Julie Doiron performed a wonderful solo set at a surprise show in the Russian Orthodox Church.
The 5 à 7 shows, the acts that I saw was Lou-Adriane Cassidy at the Paramount and Barrdo at La Cachottier.
Preste presented a BBQ show with Elliot Maginot at Cabaret Dernière Chance.
Friday’s big outdoor show had Sarahmée, KT Gorique and Loud (Who played at last year).
Victime totally killed it at Cabaret Dernière Chance. Think of them as a louder Fet.Nat with a female singer.
Ended the night with the Japanese rock trio The’s who wowed the Quebec audience and myself with their surfy-punk rock music!
Despite people who were in the back not able to see the band members.

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