FME 2019 [Day 4]

Last day of FME began by checking out Elliot Maginot again but this time at Guinguette chez Edmund for a 3pm show.
Then there was a surprise show with Ada Lea at Deuxparquatre.
The Montreal singer performed materials from her debut “what we say in private” which is out on Saddle Creek Records and Next Door Records.
Nice solo experimental pop set.
There was no way I would miss out Emilie Kahn at L’Abstracto.
Nearly got emotional when she started off with Swimmer and Island from Outro which came out earlier this year.
And played 10000 which was another heartbreaking track that filled up the place with an attentive audience!
At Paramount caught most of Adam Naas‘ set.
It was quite the highlight on the last day of the festival.
Adam exuberated a dark romantic pop soul music. It was like David Lynch and Prince all in once.
Then ended my night seeing Daniel Romano and the Outfits.
Overall it was a great festival to end off the summer.
Hopefully I will come back next year.

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