Forest City Lovers/Loon Choir @ Raw Sugar Cafe

Look at the crowds at Raw Sugar Cafe on September 17th.

Wow! It was a wonderful September 17th evening at Raw Sugar Cafe.
Playing at the show were:

*Photos on the wall are by Becca Wallace.

I was very surprised the show sold out.
Its been awhile that Raw Sugar Cafe has been full of people.
Probably due to the word of mouth/buzz of Forest City Lovers new album “Carriage” which came out in June.
It was insane but not too crazy.

Loon Choir started off the show.
They have been frequently covered on this site.
Doing pretty well in the Ottawa music scene with their blend of indie pop new wave rock music.
They played two non album tracks and some tracks from Expansion Forces.
They put on a wicked set.
It was great for them to be paired up with Forest City Lovers.
Since they are connected to James Bunton.

Then it was Forest City Lovers turn.
It was the four of them since some of the members Tim and Mika were busy with other stuff.
They haven’t played Ottawa in quite some time.
The last time I saw them was at Pop Montreal in 2009.
This was the best show they have put.
More like a very upclose and intimate show.
You can say the band was somewhat trapped by the audience.
Raw Sugar Cafe totally suited them.
Even Kat was surprised to how behave and polite the audience was last night.
There was one song which I forgot that Kat wanted the audience to sing along to.
It was great since Christian the drummer followed the audience through on when to sing it.

Here is what Forest City Lovers sang.

  • Owls
  • Tell Me, Cancer
  • Minneapolis
  • Light You Up
  • Come Away
  • Pirates
  • If I Were A Tree

  • Sorry if the audio is too low since it was set on manual low.

  • Oh The Wolves! (Ou Es Ma Soeur?)
  • Pocketful of Rocks
  • Don’t Go/Country Roads

Before their set, I got a chance to interview Kyle and Kat of Forest City Lovers.
So not sure how the interview turned out since Loon Choir was doing their soundcheck.
Listen to the interview.
For those that don’t know what I mean from PDF Format, go to this entry from 2009.
Overall it was a wonderful show.
Hoping Kat will scan the Polaroid I took of the band in Ottawa.
Here are the photos.
[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157624981787726″]
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