Tegan and Sara – Sainthood (Review and Polaris Chances)

UPDATE: CLICK HERE!!!! No! They didn’t win!

Here is part nine of a ten part on reviewing the 2010 Polaris Music Prize shortlist nominees.
This time it is Tegan and Sara with Sainthood.

I seem to have a delay reaction when it comes to Tegan and Sara.
Knowing that I will never see them live and yes! some of you will say they are nice people (IE Alyssa who commented on my predictions awhile ago & I will see it when I believe it).
It took me about four or five years to actually like their song “Walking with a Ghost“.
In 2009 Where Does the Good Go was played in episode 1 of Being Erica (one of my favorite TV shows).
Probably a year later to actually like some tracks from The Con.
I prefer the RAC Remix of Back in Your Head or their songs being remixed.
Must be a female thing to understand their music.
Anyways Sainthood was dropped on October 27, 2009.
Its sixteen tracks (that is including the bonus tracks) filled with indie pop, rock and new wave songs.
Its filled with emotions about love, anger, letting go and somewhat of a liberation to relationships and society.

With the three bonus tracks, two of them which are Wrists and Lights Up are acoustic soft tracks.
Acoustic tracks that T&S are familiar with and which is why they are famous for.

The reason everyone loves T&S is because of the songs they write are so personal.
People can actually relate and connect to their music.
I for one can not really connect to them but it might take me a few more listens to actually like what they have to sing.

On Polaris: I know I will be in trouble from die hard T&S fans expressing my opinions on this!
There are others who may not agree for them being on the list too.
The chances of them winning is 50%. Since they are the only females in contention.
I think the only reason they were picked is because they have been in around for the longest and probably get people’s attention about the Polaris Music Prize since they are well-known.
Besides they are already on a great label.
If they win maybe they might use the prize money for something good like give to some charities, more power to them.
Artistic merit: It is well written and shows alot of emotions. From people telling me, they are talented musicians.

Best tracks:

  • Arrows
  • Don’t Rush
  • [audio:http://dl.dropbox.com/u/4791237/02%20Don%27t%20Rush.mp3]
  • Hell
  • On Directing
  • Alligator
  • The Ocean
  • Sentimental Tune
  • Wrists
  • Lights Up
  • It Was Midnight

If I rate this, I give it 7/10
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  1. Michael

    Don’t be too afraid of speaking your mind. I do understand the hesitation, I definitely do. You should have seen all the raging debate over whether T & S should or shouldn’t have been included on the list…

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