Gaga Weekend 3 @ Yogi’s (Part 3)

Big Dick @ Gaga Weekend 3
What's the name of the band??

Here is the last part of the Gaga Weekend 3 at Yogi’s.
Bands that played were:

Big D**k reminded alot of Japandroids but more louder and harder with the music.
Favorite part was Ian from the White Wires was introducing the band. He got a friend to say the name of the band, it was very funny.

Crusades which is a new band, surely got everyone on its feet.
Critical Convictions, that set kind of scared me away with its heavy punk music and people moshing like crazy.
Year Zero was fun and energetic punk set.
Overall being the first time attending this.
Got me out of my comfort zone and venture into crazy music territory.
It was fun and crazy experience and surprised with the support for this.
Hopefully next year, I will try to attend some of the night shows.

Here are the rest of the photos.
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