Geoffroy – Strangers on a Train [Music Video]

Geoffroy dropped the artsy travel music video for Strangers on a Train.
The second single is taken from Live Slow Die Wise which comes out on January 19, 2021 via Bonsound.
A poignant chill track!

About the track:
“Strangers On A Train” is a mysterious and romantic journey through the artist’s consciousness.
“I wrote the lyrics to ‘Strangers On A Train’ in winter, in my apartment during lockdown,” says Geoffroy.
“It’s definitely one of the most introspective songs on the album. I guess it’s a very mature version of myself who wrote this, hah. It’s about accepting and coming to terms with the fact that a relationship has come to its end. It’s about moving on, letting go, and feeling okay about it.”

The music video directed by Alex Dozois. “Alex and I wanted to use this footage she had captured on different road trips we took across the province of Quebec during the pandemic,” says Geoffroy. “We wanted to make a video that felt like or mimicked a dream. Something that remained vague, moody, unattainable and which reflected the introspective aspect of the song. We wanted to focus on the visuals rather than the narrative, and keep it at a slower pace. Alex is a very talented photographer with a unique esthetic, which I wanted to put forward in this video. That’s why each shot almost feels like a photograph.”

Strangers on a Train gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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