Feist’s Multitudes @ National Arts Centre

Sunday was the last day for Feist‘s Multitudes residency show at the National Arts Centre.
The production ran from October 14-17 and those who were lucky enough to catch this show was beyond amazement.
Ottawa was the second city for Feist try out the new songs from the upcoming album.
The whole setup has that New York or European vibe to it.
Entering the intimate stage, you hear the sound of the printer printing off and Feist sitting and planning out the set list with headphones on.

Feist began performing on a circular stage with her guitar.
Very lovely just listening to her sing with the guitar.
Great immersive experience with the projection and the sound was excellent.

To me, Multitudes is a conceptual show about technology and non-technology through love, death and maturing through this crazy existential life.

Intimate and lovely with these new songs which feels like a blend from Metals/Pleasure.
While it was only an hour but it is Feist, she can do whatever she wants for this show.
This was definitely the best concert of 2021.
Multitudes gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.
Check out the gallery which was shot on the iPhone 12.

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