Gephilte: A SoCalled Experiment in Yiddish Funk @ Meridian Theatres

In these crazy times I am living in, this is the first show of 2022.
Axé WorldFest presented Gephilte: A SoCalled Experiment in Yiddish Funk at Meridian Theatres at Centrepointe.
It has been awhile seeing Socalled perform and this was a unique show of its kind of a first.
I had a good time with some Klezmer, Funk, Pop and hip-hop music.
About the show:
The program presents songs from the Yiddish Theatre, Hassidic melodies, Klezmer, folksong, songs from the Holocaust, from Israel, and even some original new songs.
Through song, so much history and culture can be exposed and given new life.
The program is funny, sad, beautiful, and dark with a diverse range of styles, colours, keys, modes and moods.
The Yiddish revival is over, it’s the Yiddish era again; so let’s dig deep, let’s celebrate and explore the riches of this extraordinary culture.

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