Goodbye Honolulu – Shine [Music Video]

Today the Toronto band Goodbye Honolulu dropped the music video for Shine.
The third single is taken from their upcoming self-titled debut album which comes out on October 1, 2021 via Stray Dog Records.
A slow mellow garage rock and roll tune.

About the track:
“‘Shine’ was always a different kind of song for us.
We knew it was going to be a new chapter, sonically and aesthetically, and that it had a very different weight to it. So lyrically when I began writing it, it was in response to some difficult times I was going through.
‘Shine’ is about acknowledging that you’ve been hurt, about searching and finding the light inside of the darkness, and that you will always love and support the people and things you care most about, no matter what.”

“With just a few friends, a couple days, a range of different video recording devices from DV home video recorders to 4k underwater cameras we were able to create the heavily stylized dream-like vignettes that make up the ‘Shine’ music video.
With locations that take us from East York to Alora Gorge (not to mention additional footage provided by Moni Haworth shot in Los Angeles) each one of these visual moments has a unified hazy summers daydream type quality.
Sampling from the visual mastery of Guy Maddin’s ‘Forbidden Room,’ each visual moment, although seemingly unrelated, feels connected through the use of heavily stylized editing.

Layering of images and textures; film grain and light leaks; work together in an attempt to smoothly warp the moments.
The end goal hopefully being to create the feeling of a hot summer day that you can’t quite recall. The feelings of lost love and moments misremembered.” -Isaac Roberts, video director

Shine gets:

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