Grace Gillespie – The Child [Listen]

British musician Grace Gillespie released a dreamy folky song called The Child.
The track is taken from the After The Harvest Moon EP, which comes out on November 27, 2020 via Kaleidoscope.

About the song:
Grace wrote “The Child” to console herself in her 28th year on earth, this year.
When she was born, her mother was 28 and some strange part of Grace thought that she would have a child aged 28, or at least hold some kind of significance to that year.
It turns out that this particular year has brought with it the COVID-19 pandemic, Brexit, and her own personal discovery that Grace had become somewhat of an anxious wreck.

Grace wrote the song as a reaction to this chain of thought: She didn’t want to close her eyes on the possibility of “The Child,” but she will let time decide and try to trust that things will change both globally and personally.

The Child gets:

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