Harlan Pepper – Young and Old (Review)

Harlan Pepper is a band from Hamilton, Ontario.

As I repeat again, there must be something in Hamilton’s water that is churning out various bands.
They just released an album Young and Old.
Here is info on Harlan Pepper.
We grew up listening to music on dusty record players, and hissing radios. Those sounds have been channelled into these songs. It’s an album that we think encapsulates our love for raw roots, rock country, blues, and folk music, seen through our own 21st century kaleidoscope.
Listening to the whole album, there is that rootsy folky rock sound.
The songs in the album mostly deals about living in the country life.
Favorite has to be Reefer, which is about you know smoking up.
Somewhat similar to Great Bloomers.
If you like homegrown grassroots folk rock music, check them out.
Best tracks:

I’d give this album 7.6/10
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