Her Harbour & The Meek @ St. Luke’s Church [April 27, 2013]

Went to a very special and beautiful show at a church.
It was the first time being at St. Luke’s Church.
Also a album release for this past week have been covering on my radio show.
It was also a band’s first time to play in Ottawa too.
Playing at the show:
Her Harbour
Her Harbour @ St. Luke's Church
The Meek
The Meek @ St. Luke's Church

The show started off with Toronto’s The Meek.
It is Mika Posen’s project, she also plays in Timber Timbre, Kite Hill and formerly in Forest City Lovers.
At first I thought it was going just her solo.
But she was accompanied by Kat Burns (ex-Forest City Lovers and Kashka) and Ryan Carley (Ohbijou & Kite Hill).
I was surprised to see both of them there.
It was like a mini Forest City Lovers without that music.
They play a blend of orchestral-string folk pop music.
Music mostly from the EP “Songs That Travel In Waves“.
It was a wonderful, beautiful and magical set.
The Meek @ St. Luke's Church

Finally it was Her Harbour’s turn to shine!
Gabrielle was accompanied by Andre Bluteau, Pierre-luc Clément, Jamie Kronick and Phillipe Charbonneau.
They play tracks from the album Winter’s Ghosts and some new tracks that didn’t make it on the album.
It was a fuller sound and harmonies.
Definitely a beautiful, magical and emotional set!
Gabrielle was very emotional since it was her first big show and album that she finally got to release.
Really amazing and intimate show!
Her Harbour @ St. Luke's Church

Here are the rest of the photos.

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