Her Harbour & The Meek @ St. Luke’s Church [April 27, 2013]

Went to a very special and beautiful show at a church.
It was the first time being at St. Luke’s Church.
Also a album release for this past week have been covering on my radio show.
It was also a band’s first time to play in Ottawa too.
Playing at the show:
Her Harbour
Her Harbour @ St. Luke's Church
The Meek
The Meek @ St. Luke's Church

The show started off with Toronto’s The Meek.
It is Mika Posen’s project, she also plays in Timber Timbre, Kite Hill and formerly in Forest City Lovers.
At first I thought it was going just her solo.
But she was accompanied by Kat Burns (ex-Forest City Lovers and Kashka) and Ryan Carley (Ohbijou & Kite Hill).
I was surprised to see both of them there.
It was like a mini Forest City Lovers without that music.
They play a blend of orchestral-string folk pop music.
Music mostly from the EP “Songs That Travel In Waves“.
It was a wonderful, beautiful and magical set.

Finally it was Her Harbour’s turn to shine!
Gabrielle was accompanied by Andre Bluteau, Pierre-luc Clément, Jamie Kronick and Phillipe Charbonneau.
They play tracks from the album Winter’s Ghosts and some new tracks that didn’t make it on the album.
It was a fuller sound and harmonies.
Definitely a beautiful, magical and emotional set!
Gabrielle was very emotional since it was her first big show and album that she finally got to release.
Really amazing and intimate show!

Here are the rest of the photos.

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