Hilotrons – Tackle the Strand [Music Video]

Hilotrons @ Arboretum Festival
Check out the new music video by Hilotrons.
Tackle the Strand is taken from the upcoming album To Trip With Terpsichore which drops sometime in 2015.

In Tackle The Strand, we follow the myth of “saving money by closing and consolidating schools”.
It’s a history in Ontario (in one of many examples across Canada) that shut down farms and killed agriculture in the 1920’s when large families moved out of rural districts.
It continues to threaten the sustained health of our children, as the loss of older schools often means the disappearance of neighbourhood meeting places and green spaces without parks, in order to make way for condos and foodie culture.
In song, we try our best to regale any colourful account with honesty, as duplicity and manipulation bend the sheer amount of information.

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