Hilotrons – To Trip With Terpsichore [Review]

Hilotrons has been a staple and hidden gem in Ottawa’s music scene.
With Mike Dubue as the leader in charge, he released his fourth effort (technically six but who’s counting?) called To Trip With Terpsichore.
The last album At Least There’s Commotion which came out in 2013 was supposedly the last outing for the band.
But miraculously Mike changed his outlook when he recruited new members Philippe Charbonneau (Scattered Clouds), Pascal Delaquis, Alex Moxon and Adam Saikaley (The Acorn & Silkken Laumann).

There was was new sense of what was to come within this new lineup.
To Trip With Terpsichore is not what you expected with the typical Hilotron’s sound.
It’s daring, brash and pushing the boundaries of pop music in Ottawa.

You still have the Hilotron’s energetic pop-rock sound on Animal, I Love You and Tackle The Strand / Takes A Helicopter.
The big surprise is Real Game Changer, A New Town + the Dub which has that groovy funky reggae vibe which is great to listen.
Animal, Master is finally Hilotrons stepping into electro-dance pop territory.
Ending the album to calm us down from the excitement is the piano scorcher Posing In The Sun.

This is definitely an album you have to listen to!
Take note, the album is free to download if you click on here.
Best tracks:

  • Real Game Changer
  • Tackle The Strand / Takes A Helicopter

  • A New Town
  • New Town Dub
  • Animal, Master

A Trip To Terpsichore gets:

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