Honorable mentions 2009 pt 2

Happy 2010!! To everyone.
Here is part 2 of my honorable mentions 2009.
As the last post, these are some albums I forgot to put in my Best of 2009 list.
Here is a added bonus

Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees – Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees

Rebekah Higgs side project and its a fun electro-rock-dance affair.
Check out tracks:

Matt Epp – Safe or Free

Saw him play in at the Black Sheep Inn.
He deserves to get a mention for 2009.
Check out his song This Old House

Caledonia – We Are America

After seeing them play at Bands Undone.
They were great and a really nice band.
Check out their song We Are America.

Extra Happy Ghost!!! – How The Beach Boys Sound

Saw him play this year and his music is very psychedelic experimental pop.
Check out the song Mash-Up: Neither Being Nor Nothingness

The Parlour Steps – Hidden Names

Another band that I saw play at Bands Undone.
Check out their song Little Pieces.
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