Horse Feathers & Brown Bird @ Mavericks [May 1, 2012]

It’s already May in Ottawa!
It was a intimate folksy Americana night at Mavericks.
Originally the show was suppose to be at Cafe Dekcuf but was moved due to the stage being too small for Horse Feather’s setup.
There were two bands from the USA that I was excited and impressed with.
They were:
Horse Feathers
Horse Feathers @ Mavericks
Brown Bird
Brown Bird @ Mavericks

The show started off with Brown Bird.
They are duo from Rhode Island.
Being the first time seeing them, I was really impressed with them.
They had that folksy bluesy rock with that klezmer/gypsy sound.
They were amazing and hopefully they will come back.
Brown Bird @ Mavericks

Lastly it was Horse Feather’s turn to come.
I hadn’t seen them since they played at the Ottawa Folk Festival two years ago.
The band was out to promote their new album “Cynic’s New Year“.
They were just amazing with their orchestral folk pop rock music.
It was like listening to a Great Lake Swimmers but ten times better and American. 😛
Loved it when they pulled out the saw. (Who doesn’t love the saw?)
Horse Feathers @ Mavericks
There was a snafu on one song where the guitar was out of tune.
I wouldn’t fault them since they are so great live.
I was swaying back and forth to their set.
You have to see them live.
Horse Feathers @ Mavericks

What a great intimate show these two bands put on!
Here are the rest of the photos.

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