Islands – Boll Weevil [Music Video]

Islands’ latest offering, the music video for “Boll Weevil,” dives headfirst into a quirky and imaginative world inspired by insects.
Released ahead of their upcoming album “What Occurs,” this video sets a whimsical tone for what’s to come.

The track itself, a retro-sounding 80s synth-pop-rock fusion, feels both nostalgic and fresh. With pulsating synths and infectious guitar riffs, Islands delivers a catchy tune that transports listeners back to the era of neon lights and energetic beats.

“Boll Weevil” stands out not only for its infectious melody but also for its thematic depth, exploring unexpected connections between nature and human experiences. The band’s playful yet thoughtful approach shines through, making this single a promising glimpse into their forthcoming album.

Boll Weevil gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷