The Property Line w/ Laurent Bourque, Amalgamation and Old Crowns @ Mavericks

It was a local bands night at Mavericks on January 9th.
The show was suppose to be at Cafe Dekcuf but it got moved downstairs.
Which is alot better because Mavericks has more room.
Playing at the show were:

Laurent Bourque started of the show with his solo set.
I was hoping for his full band but it was just him.
It was nice acoustic warming set.
He played some new tracks that weren’t on his album.
Mentioned he will be back in March with his full band.

Second was this band called The Amalgamation.
It was my first time checking them out.
Music is very indie rock with epic 60s sound.
Focus on the music and less on the vocals.

Third was Old Crowns.
They rocked it out and the ladies were loving it from what I noticed
Previewed from the upcoming debut album
One song “Weight” they had a special guest singer which nice to see a change.
It was fun rocking set.
Here is what they sang (I got their setlist so I won’t know the full song title):

  • Keep Calm
  • Alibi *New Song*
  • Two Birds
  • Shaky
  • Sailor
  • Jesus *New Song*
  • Dead Dogs
  • Falling
  • Weight
  • Hems

I didn’t get time to see all of The Property Line.
I only got to hear them sing “My Design”.
Looked like it was a fun set with the people that were in attendance.

Overall it was a great night just to go out to this show.

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