Owen Pallett – Heartland (Review)

January 12th was another release for the long awaited third album by Owen Pallett.
He recently had to use his name instead of Final Fantasy due the album being release in Japan which is home of the actual video game.
Who knew that in four years time that things would change for this musician.
Owen was the first winner of the Polaris Music Prize.
After the he has been well recognized and gain some attention.

Heartland was suppose to be released in 2008 when I was at his show back in 2007. Click here for the photos.
Today is the day and the wait is over.

Heartland is very different from the last two album.
Its has a bigger sounding production.
More like he has a orchestra with the Czech Symphony Strings and special friends helping on Heartland.
One being Jeremy Gara who drums for Arcade Fire. (Someone tell me if that is right?)

Heartland is like listening to a opera with electronica beats of sound.
Think of Fantasia mix with radical instrumentation and interesting lyrics.
Conceptual, yes its like listening through the mind of Lewis who is the main of character of Heartland.

The only song that doesn’t sound like a opera has to be Red Sun No.5

Is it me, or did Owen use the drumming parts of The Jesus and Mary Chain’s “Just Like Honey” in the song “Lewis Take Action”?
There is four tracks in the album that isn’t the typical under three minute songs.
One being almost seven minutes.

The only change is there isn’t any screaming/shouting that he did in the last album.
Overall I didn’t feel disappointed with Heartland.
Some people may not like it since his music isn’t for commercial appeal or accessible.
Just think of it as a piece of artwork.
So get Heartland in your local music shops.

Best tracks:

  • Midnight Directives
  • Keep The Dog Quiet
  • Lewis Take Action
  • The Great Elsewhere
  • Oh Heartland, Up Yours!
  • Lewis Takes Off His Shirt
  • E Is For Estranged
  • Tryst With Mephistopheles
  • What Do You Think Will Happen Now?

If I rate this, it would be 10/10.
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