Jean-Michel Blais @ NAC Studio

A sold-out show at the NAC Studio with Jean-Michel Blais.
Finally got to see a whole set of his music.
Jean-Michel Blais @ NAC Studio
The times I’ve seen him perform were mostly festival settings like Pop Montreal and FME.
While I find taking photos at the NAC Studio can be very tricky but got the hang of it.
One of those do not miss shows by the Montreal composer.
Listening to Hypocrite from his collaboration with CFCF on 2017’s Cascades was the highlight!
The sound sounded so crisp and perfect.
Jean-Michel Blais @ NAC Studio
75 minutes of pure melancholic, dreamy and emotional neoclassical music!
Mostly from the 2018 Polaris short-listed album “dans ma main”.
I ask you, do you think Jean-Michel Blais is making classical music cool again?
One of the best show! 10/10.

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