Gallemit + Thériault @ Studio Sixty Six

Studio Sixty Six held their vernissage for Gallemit + Thériault who are 2 of Ottawa’s most well received and innovative artists.
Marisa Gallemit’s Translating Twice: listening for the echo
Expanding on her continuing affinity for discarded materials, Marisa Gallemit revisits the practice of manipulating bicycle tubes, combining them with textile scraps and furniture to dissect the thorny realities of her third culture existence.
Identifying discarded objects as a contemporary renewable resource and contrasting them against the woven objects created by Filipino craftspeople since pre-colonial times, she attempts to draw a direct line between her own methods of making and to those of her chimeric antecedents.
Gallemit + Thériault @ Studio Sixty Six
Gallemit + Thériault @ Studio Sixty Six
Rémi Thériault
FRONT / First World War Landscapes, A Canadian Perspective
Front is a series of large-scale photographs illustrating the passing of war on landscapes rich with First World War history. This project flourished through two trips to France’s historical sites and landscapes. Traveling France’s countryside, I got a sense of its intricate history. When I began Front in 2009, I was primarily attracted to First World War sites masked by reconstruction, such as the Vimy Memorial. It wasn’t until I entered Vimy Forest a couple of years later that I became fascinated with how the present-day character of a war space could boldly contrast its history. The Vimy Forest amazingly emitted serenity and beauty despite its violent past.
With the intention of illustrating the relationship between the present-day authenticity of these spaces and their war borne narratives, I have furthered my project by collaborating with two local writers. I’ve invited them to create short fictional stories to accompany the images captured on this journey. Upon photographing Vimy, I hoped to bring a contemporary outlook on these spaces contrary to the superseded lens traditionally used to characterize historical sites.
Gallemit + Thériault @ Studio Sixty Six
The exhibition runs until November 4, 2018.

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