Jordan Klassen – Milk and Honey [Listen]

Today Jordan Klassen dropped a beautiful blissful dreamy pop track called Milk and Honey.

About the track:
“‘Milk And Honey’ is a song I wrote during the pandemic that explores the gap between presence and anticipation, idleness and perseverance, the shadow side and the light side of waiting,” said Jordan.
“It is a strange thing to live in a time when everyone is looking ahead for things to return to normal, and wondering if you are failing or succeeding in that process. Sometimes it’s a bit of both.

In Western culture we love to dream of perfection, constantly pointing out lack as if lack could ever be overcome. We want utopia but forget that it is in the cracks and the gaps that we often are transformed.”
Reminiscent of some of the songwriting greats, “Milk And Honey” is replete with links to the melodies of Americana folklore, evocative of a better past when security, contentment and comfort still seemed attainable.

Milk and Honey gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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