Kandle – Misty Morning [Music Video]

Vancouver musician Kandle dropped the music video for Misty Morning.
A lovely piano ballad pop tune.

About the song:
Kandle wrote “Misty Morning” about the first time that I knew real love.
This song brings the hard realities and stories we often tell ourselves right to the fore.

With this track, Kandle sought to explore the different motions of learning to love openly and be loved in return, despite my flaws and failures.
Men often have this idea of me as a performer.
They think I’m this sexy, powerful rocker girl.
And then once Kandle become a vulnerable, flawed and real person, issues arise.

“Misty Morning” is about someone standing by her through the darkest times in her life and being shocked that they could love her through it.
Misty Morning gets:

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