PACKS – New TV [Music Video]

Toronto band PACKS (formerly Pax) dropped the single and music video for.
The third track is taken from the upcoming debut LP take the cake which comes out on May 21, 2021 (digital) and July 9, 2021 (physical) via Royal Mountain Records for Canada and Fire Talk for USA/ROW.
Another heavy guitar driven dreamy rock tune that makes you missed that 90s slacker vibe.

About the track:
“I got the chance to witness a craigslist transaction of two bros selling a hideous pink couch to an eager young man with a U-HAUL,” Link explains.

“As they lovingly demonstrated the LA-Z-BOY function, everyone seemed pretty impressed. New TV boxes and old couches litter curbs every garbage day. This song goes out to other people’s garbage.”

New TV gets:

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