Kate Nash – My Best Friend Is You [Streaming]

Been three years that Kate Nash made a splash in the UK music scene.
She had a big breakthrough with the song Foundation which was halted in the #2 position for weeks in the UK Singles Chart due to Rihanna’s Umbrella.
Being clumped into the same British female singers like:

  • Amy Winehouse (Whenever she will get out of rehab and make a new album)
  • Lily Allen
  • Adele (Whenever she will release a new album)

She is back with the new album called “My Best Friend Is You“.

Apparently there has not been any fanfare on the new album as anticipated.
The album debuted in the #8 UK Album chart.
I actually like a couple of tracks in this album.
I think she took her time making the second album unlike her first album “Made Of Bricks” which I think was very rushed.
Kate sings about failed relationships and being a jilted bitch.
Its kind of personal when you listen to tracks like “Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?” and I’ve Got A Secret.
There is a this 1960s British mod pop sound in Paris, Kiss That Grrl and Do Wah Doo.
Mansion Song is a very angry spoken word track in the first half of the song and then later goes into song.
What I sometimes like about Kate Nash is that she is being real when she sings her music and doesn’t try to sugar coat.
She can go off dropping the b-word, s-bomb and even the f-bomb.
This album is one that will grow on you when you listen to it repeatedly.
Best tracks:

  • Paris
  • Kiss That Grrrl
  • Don’t You Want To Share The Guilt?
  • Do Wah Doo
  • (Don’t understand why bitch is bleeped out on the radio?)

  • I’ve Got A Secret
  • Mansion Song
  • Early Christmas Present
  • Later On
  • I Hate Seagull

My Best Friend Is You gets:

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