The Wilderness of Manitoba – When You Left The Fire (Review) & EP (Revisited)

I literally was surprised to receive an e-mail from Killbeat Music finding out that The Wilderness Of Manitoba was on their roster.
The band is finally releasing their full-length debut called When You Left The Fire.
The album will drop on June 22, 2010.
Last time I saw them was last year where they played an amazing show at Raw Sugar Cafe. (Review of the show)
On “When you Left The Fire”, the sound in the album is very high in production and dynamic.

When I went to NXNE in 2009, I went to some day show and happened to meet some great musicians.
I found out that Will & Scott were in band called provincial parks which the is either on hiatus.
Somehow I stumbled on The Wilderness Of Manitoba and I was very impress with their acoustic folk music.
2010 is going to be great year for them since they are opening up for Basia Bulat, Julie Doiron, The Rural Alberta Advantage (What a surprise!) and Wilco
The beginning track “Orono Park” is a change and has that upbeat playful more like you are running around that area.
It still has the same intimate closeness from “Hymns of Love and Spirits” when you hear tracks like November, Hardship Acres, St.Petersburg and
While “Hermit” feels very Neil Young-esque.
“In The Family” is a great lo-fi track.
“Reveries en Couleurs” is a great epic instrumental track.
The album themes on fire, lost love and loneliness.
The album is catchy to listen and is easy to sing along to the lyrics.
Overall I am very impress with “When You Left The Fire” they upped the level of their music.

You should also get “Hymns of Love and Spirits” which is their debut EP.
Its filled of great acoustic folky pop songs.
Listening to it makes you want to sit near a fireplace with a blanket and drink hot chocolate during the wintertime.
While in the summertime you should sit near a campfire or bonfire while listening to it.

Best tracks on When You Left The Fire:

  • Orono Park
  • November
  • Hermit
  • [audio:]
  • Hardship Acres
  • St.Petersburg
  • Summer Fires
  • In The Family
  • Sea Song
  • White Water
  • Native Tongue

Best tracks on Hymns of Love and Spirits

  • Bluebirds
  • Dreamcatcher
  • Victoria Day
  • Evening
  • Manitoba
  • The Great Hall

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