Katie Tupper – How Can I Get Your Love? [Music Video]

Arts & Crafts signee Katie Tupper dropped the music video for How Can I Get Your Love?
The second single is taken from her upcoming debut EP Towards The End which comes out on February 18, 2022.
A cool fluttery pop R&B vibe song!

About the track:
‘All my friends could have been lovers, if they’d asked nicely,’ Tupper ornately laments over a delicate, immediately intimate acoustic backdrop which gradually swells into a placid mixture of hushed percussion, keys, and strings.
“How Can I Get Your Love?” is a song that at once speaks of all the possible partners we miss out on from sheer cluelessness, and ultimately centers around a single, great passion. Not even the luckiest alive have avoided losing someone who felt like they should have been the someone, and Tupper expertly and devastatingly digs right into wounds that never truly heal. “I know you got another lover, but being honest, that don’t matter,” Tupper sings, speaking for anyone and everyone who’s ever been so desperate to regain what they’ve lost that the potential damage along the way hardly matters. She’s in pure awe of such a stunning blow, and “How Can I Get Your Love?” lands one just as striking.

“It’s about coming back to your hometown and wanting things to be exactly as you left them, and the desperation for those memories once you realise that is not true,” Katie reveals about the song. “I wrote about moments in previous relationships where you fully lay yourself out on the line, almost to a desperate extent because you feel you need to. It feels like vulnerability and bravery in confessing an old love but it really is more of seeking comfort in the familiar and begging those around you to create that for you.”

The video for the track, directed by Mashie Alam, is one of sheer release, with Tupper and two others serenely expressing themselves through dance, standing in intriguing contrast to the song’s somewhat tortured words, it seems to tell of the moment after the tale expressed within the song: reveling in the freedom that comes from entirely offloading one’s most deeply concealed emotions.
“It’s an ode to my upbringing in Saskatchewan,” Katie shares about the clip. “For the song that is yearning for hometown normalcy I wanted the video to show exactly what summers looked like for me and what my nostalgia looks like.”

How Can I Get Your Love? gets: 📷📷📷📷📷📷📷/10.

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