Kelp 17: The Acorn, Andy Swan and Recoilers [Photos + Video]

The second night of Kelp 17 happened on May 6th at the Dom Polski.
It was one of the exciting nights there.
Playing were:

  • The Acorn
  • Kelp 17: The Acorn

  • Andy Swan
  • Kelp 17: Andy Swan

  • Recoilers
  • Kelp 17: Recoilers

Everyone was excited the Acorn’s set.
Why? They played mostly from the first album “The Pink Ghosts”.
I for one was excited and haven’t really heard that album except for “Darcy” (covered by Ohibijou) and the seven minute epic “Return To Blackness” (Long story short, when CBC Radio 3 was available live on the web, I asked Grant to request it and wasn’t aware that it was a long track).
With the light fun light show, the set was pretty atmospheric.
All the big Acorn fans were there!
I should have bought The Pink Ghosts (If it was on vinyl :P)
Kelp 17: The Acorn
Andy Swan is always great live!
Surprised to see Jon Bartlett “literally” jump on stage to join Andy on a few songs.
Kelp 17: Andy Swan
I didn’t get to see Recoilers
But I was like “WHOA! They were pretty rocking”.
Kelp 17: Recoilers
Wished I got to see the rest of the set.
I was like wow this band is very energetic!!
Here is a video I took and it is the second song of their set.

Here are the rest of the photos.
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