Ketch Harbour Wolves – Exodus [Listen]

A band I haven’t heard from in quite some time.
Ketch Harbour Wolves returns with a new song called Exodus.
The track is taken from their upcoming full-length album AVALON which comes out on July 10, 2020.
Avalon explores Toronto’s psychogeography through themes of social upheaval, love and loss, economic collapse, exile and mid-life crisis.

About the song:
“Exodus” was written after an early spring walk in Toronto’s mysterious Don Valley – one of my favorite places and one of few that still feels somewhat haunted. I saw no one that day, but the leafless trees afforded little cover for traces of human occupation.

The song, with its slow atmospheric build and sombre lyrics, is a reflection on a city undergoing massive change: influxes and exoduses; appropriations and dispossessions, caused by intentions that range from the benevolent to the unkind.

Exodus gets:

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