Fast Romantics – Only People [Music Video]

Toronto indie-rock band Fast Romantics dropped their second single called Only People
The track is taken from their upcoming new album called Pick It Up will be released on August 6, 2020, via Postwar Records.
This time they went summer twangy with Only People.

About the song:
“Only People” is a charming, laid-back, 60s-inspired tune featuring twangy slide guitar, vibrant horn lines, driving hand claps and soothing harmonies.
Frontman and lead songwriter Matthew Angus had this to say about the track, “Only People” is about avoiding the best parts of life because they’re inevitably going to hurt. That fear that eventually the people you love are going to mess up, or leave you, or worse. It’s about making that choice to move beyond the innocence of a simple life. An easy life without risk. Leaving that innocence behind, and making that cursed agreement with the world to take every chance you can in order to feel every euphoric feeling possible.”

Angus continues, “It’s also about being afraid to lose that innocence, and become guilty of hurting someone else. “I never wanna hear you say we’re only people” is a plea. Please don’t ever let me use my humanity as an excuse for f-ing up. Because lord knows I’ll do it. We all will.”

Only People gets:

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