K O D A E – Awake With Crystal Eyes [Listen]

K O D A E is a band from Calgary, Alberta.
The band dropped the single called Awake With Crystal Eyes.
Nice and smoothy-groove alternative R&B track to listen to.

About the track:
‘Awake With Crystal Eyes’ is a philosophical groove that takes each listener into a trance of reflection, playing with political themes and challenging the mundane.
“I think this track highlights a hypnotic awareness to the passing of time. The pocket drives us forward but the lyrics ask you if you’re okay with moving forward in your current direction,” shares lead singer, Annie da Silva.

Bass player, Owen McPherson shares, “To me, AWCE is a commentary on the insidious efforts of the establishment and prevailing historical systems to anesthetize and oppress the masses through empty promises, lies and illusions contrasted by the emerging consciousness, awareness, clarity and awakening of our times. Accordingly, AWCE joins with perceptive people everywhere in declaring that we see what’s up, it’s time for change and we’re not waiting any longer!”

Awake With Crystal Eyes gets:

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