Land of Talk and Casper Skulls @ The 27 Club

It has been almost six years since I last saw Land of Talk perform live in Ottawa.
It was definitely worth it and the wait was long overdue.
Land of Talk @ The 27 Club
Opening up the show was Toronto’s Casper Skulls.
Think of it as their LP release for Mercy Works which out on Buzz Records.
It was a great indie post-punk rock set.
Land of Talk @ The 27 Club
Finally, it was Land of Talk’s turn to come on stage.
She had Pietro on keyboards and French horn, Laurie on bass and Bucky on drums.
It was such an emotional show because it has been long overdue.
There was a lot of cheering and excitement from the audience.
Performed mostly from the current album Life After Youth.
Classic tracks were Quarry Hymms, Some Are Lakes, Yuppy Flu and encore was It’s Ok.
I got teary-eyed when Loving and This Time came up.
They were positive happy tears!
Definitely one of my favorite shows of 2017!
Land of Talk @ The 27 Club

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