Les Mammographes – Raised By Ghost (Review)

A band that I saw on Jan 13, 2010 when they opened up for Clues. The band I am talking about is called Les Mammographes.
They consist of three members and hail from Quebec City.
Seeing them live was very interesting to see.
A fairly young and new band.

This album is very high and vibrant indie rock with a touch of Quebec sound.
With the keyboard, also adds some new wave sound.
Its like a mix of Wolf Parade, Winter Gloves, Clues and Malajube.

Best tracks:

  • Les Exlosions
  • Mickey Mouth
  • Raised by Ghosts
  • Bloody Night
  • Bloody Kewl
  • Up & Down
  • Old Kids

The album came out in a interesting DIY package which they used old photographs.
Here is a video by Southernsouls

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