Line-up for Arboretum Festival @ Babylon Nightclub + Buy tickets

As previously posted a few days ago.
The revealing of the line-up for the first annual Arboretum Festival took place at Babylon Nightclub on June 7, 2012.
The festival will take place on September 15th at the Ottawa Hostel courtyard.
There was a lovely artwork and display on stage.
Grill cheese sandwiches on hand. Which was deliciously good!
Arboretum Festival Reveal Party @ Babylon Night Club
Rolf Klausener and Marlene Power were on hand to reveal the list of local businesses participating this event.
Arboretum Festival Reveal Party @ Babylon Night Club
The music was by the DJs of Ceremony and Kitchen Party.
Here is what everyone has been waiting for.

The lineup of the acts playing at the festival.
They are:

You can purchase tickets now, more info click here.

Here are the rest of the photos.

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