Luka Kuplowsky – Never Get Tired (of Loving You) [Listen]

Today, Luka Kuplowsky announced Stardust which is his first full-length release for Mama Bird Recordings (USA) and Next Door Records (Canada).
The first single is “Never Get Tired (of Loving You)” from Stardust which comes out on October 2, 2020.

About the song:
While not pining nor sugarcoating, “Never Get Tired (of Loving You)” is a love song, looking at love as an intrinsic component for growth, a solidarity between two people hurtling through the chaotic present. It’s not something light or easy.
Rather, this love is, as Luka puts it, “a patient attuning.”

Speaking to the single, Kuplowsky says:
“Written in an empty apartment shortly after moving in with my partner.
A sincere expression of love. A sacred love song attuned to the natural world – thunder, wind, moonlight and a dolphin.
‘Never Get Tired (of Loving You)’ describes love as a form of recognition – a way to see another and ourselves authentically. It is a celebration of difference nurtured and shared.
A patient attuning.
One ‘never gets tired’ because love refreshes the joyful struggle of being – it’s that which makes us alive, carry weight and grow.”

Never Get Tired (of Loving You) gets:

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