Little Kid – I Thought That You’d Been Raptured [Listen]

Toronto band Little Kid dropped the fourth and final single called I Thought That You’d Been Raptured.
The track is taken from Transfiguration Highway which drops on July 3, 2020 via Solitaire Recordings.
This sounds very Bob Dylan a-la 1960s era!

About the song:
A major element of Boothby’s songwriting is his penchant for Christian imagery, which is deployed throughout Transfiguration Highway in a variety of ways, often in contexts that display Boothby’s keen observational eye and sharp sense of humor.
This is especially true of the roiling opener “I Thought That You’d Been Raptured,” which showcases an almost fabel-like narrative songwriting style from Boothby as he relates a story from the perspective of a character who comes home early from work to find his wife’s clothes in the living room and initially believes that she’s has been raptured, only to discover she is having an affair.
It’s a rare blend of pathos and comedy, and an elegant example of Little Kid’s sure-handed songcraft.

“This song is one of the most purely fictional songs I’ve written.” says Boothby. “It’s essentially all built around a joke I came up with where a man comes home early from work and finds his wife’s clothes around the house, but his first thought is that she has been raptured and he has been left behind. Of course, it turns out she is sleeping with someone else in the bedroom upstairs…

“Musically and lyrically, this is one of the songs I’m most proud of… I’m especially happy to have found a way to showcase my stupid sense of humour a little more obviously than usual.”
I Thought That You’d Been Raptured gets:

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