Marika Takeuchi – Missing Piece EP [Streaming]

Onto things that is KEXP‘s Pacific Notions related.
American/Japanese musician Marika Takeuchi (not to be confused with famous J-pop singer Mariya Takeuchi with that cult Youtube hit Plastic Love).
Marika dropped the EP called Missing Piece which came out on May 5, 2020 via bigo & twigetti.
This is a wonderful dreamy emotional modern classical EP.
Sounds like these three tracks would be played on a soundtrack either drama or Anime with dramatic epic proportions.

About Missing Piece:
Marika returns with a new EP which focuses on her continued search for that elusive something.
‘Missing Piece’ sees Marika returning to her signature sound of piano, strings, synths and bubbling beats that evoke feelings and images reminiscent of early Ryuichi Sakamoto and Joe Hisaishi filtered through the lens of contemporary America.

Missing Piece EP gets:

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