Mav Karlo – Walkaway / Elevator [Music Video]

Mav Karlo is the new project of the Toronto-based singer-songwriter, Menno Versteeg.
Today he dropped two songs, one being the cover of Weaves’ Walkaway and Elevator on Royal Mountain Records.
Versteeg is used to ups and downs.
After fronting an indie-rock band for 13 years, he has seen his fair share of fame and fortune, as well as taking some long, hard looks in the gutter.
These two tracks is more of a stripped down indie pop rock songs approach than what we have heard from Hollerado with their high energetic sound.
Add in that it is a unique take and a different perspective when listening to Walkaway.

About the two songs:
Produced by Chris Coady (Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Amen Dunes, Beach House) and with backing vocals from Katy Goodman of Vivian Girls, his single “Elevator” is a frank and honest exploration of Versteeg’s own experiences dealing with mental health over the years. The track sees Versteeg yearning for some middle-ground (“Just doing alright, would be more than alright; not over the moon or stuck under the ice”). The single’s b-side “Walkaway” is a track about finally finding comfort in yourself and your resilience.

He explains, “Whether it’s a hypomanic episode or a depression, the feeling at the time is so all encompassing and real that it seems like that is the only reality that I have ever known. I relish the times in between, the periods of stillness when I’m able to be fully present in the moment and able to interact with my environment and the people in my life with the confidence that comes with being in equilibrium.”

Walkaway / Elevator gets:

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