Meadowlark Five and Fillet Sterling @ Mavericks

The second of three shows on May 1, 2010 in Ottawa.
I headed up to Mavericks since there were four bands playing and wanted to show my support.
They were Trees, New Teeth, Intensive Care, Meadowlark Five and Fillet Sterling.
I managed to see two of the acts which were

  • Meadowlark Five
  • Meadowlark Five @ Mavericks

  • Fillet Sterling
  • Fillet Sterling @ Mavericks

The last time I saw Meadowlark Five was back in OCtober.
They were the first band to play Bands Undone.
It was a short acoustic set which I saw back then.
This time I finally got to see them play in a live setting.
I was very blown away with their set.
Far different from the Bands Undone session.
It was loud and epic.

Fillet Sterling was a solo artist.
Reminded me of something to the extend of Peter Gabriel but very techno-sound.

I was kind of sad to miss out Intensive Care, since they put on a great show awhile back with New Teeth.
I didn’t get a chance to see what Trees sounded like live.
Hopefully next time.

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