Radar Rings #1 (Show Review)

The third of three shows that I attended on May 1, 2010.
This time it was at Club Saw.
It was a wild and fun time dancing at Club Saw.
It was the inaugural edition for Placemachine doing show in the that is not the norm in the Ottawa music scene.
Playing at the show were:

I was more excited to see Silly Kissers live.
They were mentioned in Spin Magazine’s Top 5 Up and coming Montreal bands at Pop Montreal.
Their music is full of upbeat synth-pop dance sounds.
After their soundcheck I got to interview three members of Silly Kissers.
It is a fun and hilarious chat.

The show started off with Ottawa’s Total Crush.
I was surprised that the band went from a duo to a four-piece band.
Last time I saw them live was at New Year’s Eve.
It was different since they added a singer into the band.
It loud and noisy and I was trying to becareful not to get attacked by the singer.
Very artful and creative.

Second was Montreal’s Postcards.
I wasn’t sure if they were British because both of them had an British accent.
I was not expecting this band to sound very cool and fun.
Their music was amazing, I couldn’t stop dancing to their blend of synth-dance-pop.
I absolutely had a great time with their set.

Third was Pat Jordache.
His set had more of tribal rock feel to it.
I wanted to do some crazy tribal dancing but I would look like an idiot
He had Jeffrey Isimiaki from the Acorn and Karn play the drums.
I was blown away with his set.

Lastly it was Silly Kissers.
Silly Kissers was absolutely amazing.
There were vocal problems but I didn’t really care.
Their music was fun and dancey.
David did some singing and that guy can sing so high with that falsetto. (Made me wonder if wearing tight pants makes sing the high notes?)
Jane was great live with her singing.
Their music is just so feel good and dance crazy.
Felt like the 1980s was back again considering I was a kid during that time.

Overall I had a great time at this show.

Rest of the photos.
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  1. Dan

    Montreal’s scene must not be doing too well if Silly Kissers are Spin Magazine’s “Top 5 Up and coming Montreal bands”. Just another shitty Pitchfork band.

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